Methods Of Intervention

Methods Of InterventionMethods Of Intervention | AICA-Canada can organize conferences, talks, seminars, debates or any other activity which involves the visual arts. It can, furthermore, decide to write, translate, transcribe, to film, to record and to publish documents relative to the visual arts on paper and on the Web. It is able to set up temporary or permanent committees and to undertake inquiries and researches, on its own initiative or with other organizations whose goals are not incompatible with its own.

AICA-Canada can promote excellence in the field of art criticism by: giving the title of honorary members and honorary president to art critics whose career was exceptional, creating and assigning AICA-Canada Art Critic Award (awarded through competition), awarding other prizes, publishing various documents (written, Web, videos etc.). These activities are subject to the approval of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

The association cannot undertake commercial activities except within the framework of campaigns for raising finance.

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