Becoming A Member



1) Who can be an Ordinary Member of AICA-Canada?

Any Canadian art critic or resident of Canada who has been active for three years in the field of visual art criticism may apply for membership in the Canadian section of the International Association of Art Critics. The AICA defines an art critic as follows:

  • Writers and journalists specializing in the visual arts who publish in popular or cultural print media, or in books or catalogues or electronic media (including the internet) on the subject of visual arts.
  • Museologists and curators of exhibitions of visual art, including large national and international exhibitions, festivals and conferences, whether working independently or associated with a public or private institution.
  • Course directors at the university level teaching visual art, art history and other fields in the arts, including artistic practice.

2) How can I make an application?

The application documents must include:

  1.  Electronic copy of a brief biographical information form, filled out in French or English (the two official languages of AICA-Canada and the international AICA). The form is available on the AICA-Canada website, along with instructions.
  2. A more detailed curriculum vitae, if possible in digital format.
  3. Electronic copies of five documents showing the applicant’s recent professional activity (over the past 3 to 5 years), such as:

– Copies of articles or catalogues; passages from books, catalogues or periodicals; other  published works edited or contributed to by the applicant.

-Digital photo, video or audio documentation of exhibitions or other events.

-Programs of conferences to which the applicant has contributed, along with texts of    presentations.

-Synopses of courses given or of cultural activities organized by the applicant.

-Evidence of professional activities related to art criticism in the audio-visual and digital fields  including audio or visual recordings and the URL of blogs of web sites, as well as programs of  festivals or competitions

3) Procedures for selecting members:

  1. Applicant’s files are forwarded to the Administrative Council of AICA-Canada who review them and select candidates either at an executive meeting or by internet conferencing.
  2. The biographical information forms of candidates chosen by the executive committee of AICA-Canada is transmitted to the International Membership and Elections Committee to be examined during one of the annual meetings in March or late summer.
  3. Applicants whose biographical information forms are accepted by this commission are then presented to the International General Meeting for ratification by the membership.
  4. Once notice of acceptance has been received, AICA-Canada will issue a membership card in the applicant’s name, good for the remainder of the calendar year.
  5. Following that, new members are invited pay the usual annual fee of $80.


Members’ rights

  • Members in good standing have the right to vote, to run for office and be elected to the Administrative Council, to sit on the Executive Committee, and to participate in the activities of all committees, both national and international.
  • Members in good standing have the right (if they so wish) to be included on the Canadian and international web sites of AICA, to include their personal contact information as well as news of their professional activities or important events concerning the visual arts with which they are associated. They may publish texts on general topics in the visual arts or current events, and they will find information of collaborations between the international AICA and AICA-Canada, including important national and international events in the field of visual arts (exhibitions, conferences, competitions, publications, nominations, public manifestations).
  • Upon presentation of their membership card (which is also a press card), members of AICA have free entry to most museums and public art galleries, and to major exhibitions throughout the country and the world.


Members’ duties:

  •  The annual membership fee is $80 and it has to be paid before March 1rts.
  • Non-payment of annual fees for two consecutive years will result in loss of membership.
  • Any serious contravention of the rules and regulations of the Association may also result in loss of membership by order of the International Assembly of Members.