AICA-CANADA Fundraiser


AICA-Canada's Sixtieth Anniversary Fundraising Campaign


To celebrate in a festive manner our sixtieth anniversary, and to finance new initiatives, AICA-Canada has developed a new project involving a handsome, abundantly illustrated book combining the best of contemporary art and fine cuisine in this country. All regions, from Newfoundland to British Columbia, are represented. Artists have been chosen to represent a wide range in age, aesthetic approach, and region. The selection was based on the excellence, originality, and innovative quality of the artists' work, on their national and international reputation, and on their contribution to the evolution of Canadian art. All were still active at the time the project was begun.

Under each month, a first-rate art critic and member of AICA, along with one of the best chefs in our country, will pay hommage to an outstanding contemporary artist nominated by the critic. The result will be twelve readable texts to help you learn more about, and better understand, twelve essential artists; twelve menus, with flavours suited to the season, developed by twelve of the finest and most original chefs in the country, each inspired by the work of one of these great artists, and each involving four delicious and elegant dishes, a culinary hommage to the chosen contemporary masters. Twelve menus from the best kitchens in the land, whose chefs will reveal their secrets in 48 recipes. This monthly artistic, literary and culinary invitation will be abundantly illustrated with quality reproductions on fine paper. The works of art and critical essays will be combined with photographs of the authors and of the restaurants engaged in the project, along with illustrations of the prepared dishes.

This book is aimed at presenting our artists and their work to a broader audience, while encouraging readers to discover recent Canadian gastronomy. It will give new visibility to AICA-Canada and its members, while helping to finance our activities. Besides creating a four-course menu, the restaurants will collaborate in organizing a fund-raising dinner that has been proposed for the launch of the book in early 2017. All profits from the sale of the book will go to AICA-Canada, which will use the funds primarily to finance a new AICA-Canada prize in art criticism aimed at encouraging excellence in the field while helping to make known our most promising young artists. Funds could also benefit another long tern project:  the development of an anthology of Canadian art criticism since 1950.

Any businesses or government or tourist agencies wishing to help in this endeavor could do so immediately by ordering prescription copies of this beautiful book as future gifts to favoured clients and employees on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Canadian confederation or the 375th anniversary of Montreal. This would help our association in its mission to promote contemporary art, to encourage research and communication about it, and to support freedom of expression in the visual arts while supporting the dissemination of knowledge concerning our greatest artists and the interpretations of their work. Participating businesses and organizations will be thanked on a special credits page.

We also invite the public at large to buy copies of the book in galleries, museums, and designated book stores, or by ordering through their local book sellers.