TRANSCENDARE | Monograph curated by Christine Redfern

TRANSCENDARE is a bilingual monograph curated by Christine Redfern that delves indepth into the extraordinary universe of the artist Philomène Longpré. A world of heightened sensations, where captivating creatures projected onto responsive video membranes live in darkened spaces awaiting the presence of the visitors. The power of Longpré’s art comes from her ability to blur the boundaries between the virtual and the real, as well as the visceral reactions she provokes. Through selected full-colour images and insightful texts by leading international writers Kate Mondloch, Florence de Mèredieu, David Howes, Alison Syme, Isa Tousignant, Christine Redfern and from Philomène Longpré herself, this book gives a unique opportunity to explore Longpré’s genius and her astounding contribution to contemporary art.

There is an implicit politics at work in Longpré’s networked and embodied interfaces – a call to pay attention to our habits and desires in the age of intelligent machines and their avatars.
– Kate Mondloch, author of Screens: Viewing Media Art

Passionate, sensual and full of visual surprises, Longpré’s art systems have a considerable theatrical component. Her universe is designed to astound and seduce, through both its meticulous attention to detail and its sensuality: the image ‘bursts’ onto the screen and becomes a palpable presence.
– Florence de Mèredieu, author of Histoire matérielle et immatérielle de l’art moderne & contemporain

Curator/Editor : Christine Redfern

Authors: Florence de Mèredieu, David Howes, Philomène Longpré, Kate Mondloch, Christine Redfern
Alison Syme, Isa Tousignant,

Graphic designer: Annick Burion.

Publisher : ELLEPHANT

Edited at: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Edited on: Dec. 2016

Technical data: Limited Edition, 258 pages, 9 x 7.5 x 0.75 inches. 108 color illustrations

ISBN 978-2-9816196

Price: 60$ CAD

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